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Summary of Section B

The central goal in the project area B (modeling) is the development of a theoretical basis which allows a full quantitative description of a multiplicity of nanophotonic devices and the underlying optics. One of the great challenges for the fundamental understanding and the numerical, predictive modeling of nanophotonic devices are the extremely different length- and time scales, on which the various physical processes take place. Quantum dots and quantum wells with feature sizes in the nm range require an atomistic description or approximations that reflect their quantum mechanical nature sufficiently, while e.g. the interaction with electromagnetic radiation, the heat dissipation or the charge injection in devices takes place on mm scales. The same applies for time scales. While dephasing happens in the femtosecond to picosecond range, optical transitions in microcavities and the dynamic response of semiconductor lasers and amplifiers takes place on a pico- to nanosecond time scale. One aim of the CRC is to cover all these scales in the models and to realize self-consistent three-dimensional numerical solutions, including non-linear optical material properties. This goal will be achieved by combining different theoretical models from applied mathematics, theoretical optics and semiconductor physics and by creating modelling hierarchies that will combine microscopic and macroscopic descriptions of device properties. First significant steps towards that goal have been made in the first phase of the project. This includes the simulation of carrier scattering rates in QD-based structures, the development of k.p wave function models (in project area A) to explain the luminescence dynamics and allow the modelling of optical feedback in complex quantum dot structures and the calculation of dephasing rates in VCSELs.

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