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Summary of Section C

Based on the progress in project areas A and B and own iterative, result-based modelling approaches we will realize and characterize nanophotonic model devices in project area C (devices). Development of novel ultra-high bit-rate surface-emitting and metal-cavity lasers e.g. for silicon photonics, based on front nanotechnologies like high contrast surface gratings or silver mirrors as well as ultra-high bit rate mode-locked lasers and semiconductor optical amplifiers based on quantum dots, employing advanced modulation formats are one goal. We will then integrate QD based mode-locked lasers with silicon nano-waveguide optics in order to realize optical distribution networks for on chip optical clocks. We will realize high bit rate electrically driven single and entangled photon sources and explore the integration of these optical components into quantum key distribution systems and will investigate the transfer of quantum keys in fiber-based transmission networks. Furthermore, we will investigate GaN-based q-bit and entangled photon emitters as well as microcavities in order to realize electrically driven single photon sources that can operate up to room temperature. Exploring the material limits of nanophotonic devices we will study AlGaN quantum well based laser diodes that emit in the deep UV spectral range and investigate III-nitride based high power photonic band gap crystal laser structures. 

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