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School of Nanophotonics


The goal of “School of Nanophotonics” (SON) of the Collaborative Research Center 787 (CRC 787) is to attract young researchers and to promote their scientific development. The excellent research environment within the CRC 787 is combined with an in-depth scientific edu- cation and a structured program to advance their professional skills. The RTG encourages the scientific inde- pendence and visibility of its members, provides advanced training and transferable skills, and offers a stimu- lating environment for scientific exchange, discussions, and education.

The key elements of the SON are the “Doktorandenseminar” (participation is mandatory), specialized lectures, and an annual 3-days CRC workshop for the scientific education. Moreover, transferable-skills workshops, the annual Nanophotonics day – a compact introduction to topics such as patents, career options, etc., and travel to international conferences as well as summer schools, in particular the iNOW, is essential for education in a broader sense. The travel funds provided by the SON to the PhD students are particularly important for encouraging the scientific independence and international visibility of the PhD students.

The members of the SON elect two PhD student spokespersons ( and ), who are also member and deputy member of the CRC council. The SON members have an independent annual budget for inviting guests and organizing their own workshops. Quality management is assured through an annual survey among the SON members covering all topics concerning the organization and offers within the RTG, but also feedback regarding super- vision and mentoring.



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